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Program search results
Program search results
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Australia: College of Pharmacy Overseas Study (Faculty-Led) Cairns Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Port Douglas Australia Oceania
Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Australia: Economics of Immigration (Faculty-Led) Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Austria & Hungary: Experiencing the Austrian Empire in Music (Faculty-Led) Budapest Hungary Europe
Paris France Europe
Vienna Austria Europe
Austria: Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (Faculty-Led) Vienna Austria Europe
Bahamas: Ocean Margins Field Trip (Faculty-Led) Miami United States North America
San Salvador Island Bahamas Central America
Belgium, The Netherlands: International Institutions: Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World (Faculty-Led) Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
Brussels Belgium Europe
The Hague Netherlands Europe
Botswana: Directed Study (Faculty-Led) Gaborone Botswana Africa
Canada: Cinema Study Tour (Faculty-Led) Montreal Canada North America
Quebec City Canada North America
Canada: Exploration of Health Technology Industry and Professional Practice in Vancouver (Faculty-Led) Vancouver Canada North America
Canada: Social Innovation for Global Impact (Faculty-Led) Montreal Canada North America
Chile: Doing Business in Chile (Faculty-Led) Santiago Chile South America
Vina del Mar Chile South America
Colombia and the Law: An Overseas Study (Faculty-Led) Bogota Colombia South America
Colombia: Social Entrepreneurship (Faculty-Led) Bogota Colombia South America
Costa Rica: CAHS/Social Work (Faculty-Led) Liberia Costa Rica Central America
Upala Costa Rica Central America
Croatia: International Negotiation & Dispute Resolution (Faculty-Led) Dubrovnik Croatia Europe
Ljubljana Slovenia Europe
Venice Italy Europe
Zagreb Croatia Europe
Croatia: Research Symposium (Faculty-Led) Varazdin Croatia Europe
Zadar Croatia Europe
Zagreb Croatia Europe
Czech Republic and Albania: INTB3080 Lindner Business Honors (faculty-led) Prague Czech Republic Europe
Tirana Albania Europe
Vlore Albania Europe
Denmark and Norway: Exploring Scandinavia Lindner Honors-PLUS (Faculty-Led) Bergen Norway Europe
Copenhagen Denmark Europe
Oslo Norway Europe
France: Exploring the Global Technical Workforce (Faculty-Led) Bordeaux France Europe
Nancy France Europe
Paris France Europe
France: In the Footsteps of Louis Pasteur: Science & Art in Paris (Faculty-Led) Paris France Europe
France: Tackling Global Problems Through International Collaborative Science (Faculty-Led) Bordeaux France Europe
Nancy France Europe
Paris France Europe
Germany: A Linguistic and Cultural Tour of Berlin (Faculty-Led) Berlin Germany Europe
Potsdam Germany Europe
Germany: Environmental Studies (Faculty-Led) Essen Germany Europe
Paris France Europe
Germany: European Systems and Operations (Faculty-Led) Heidelberg Germany Europe
Munich Germany Europe
Stuttgart Germany Europe
Ghana: Microfinance and the Informal Economy (Faculty-Led) Accra Ghana Africa
Cape Coast Ghana Africa
Kumasi Ghana Africa
Ghana: The Global Technical Workforce (Faculty-Led) Accra Ghana Africa
Cape Coast Ghana Africa
Kumasi Ghana Africa
Takoradi Ghana Africa
Guatemala: Introduction to Global Health (Faculty-Led) Tecpan Guatemala Central America
Iceland: Travel Writing in Iceland (Faculty-Led) Reykjavik Iceland Europe
India: Doing Business in India (Faculty-led) Agra India Asia
Bangalore India Asia
Mumbai India Asia
New Delhi India Asia
Ireland: Munster's Resilient Landscapes (Faculty-Led) Killarney Ireland Europe
Limerick Ireland Europe
Israel: MBA INTB8001 (faculty-led) Haifa Israel Middle East
Tel Aviv Israel Middle East
Italy: Art History in Florence and Rome (Faculty-Led) Florence Italy Europe
Pompei Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Italy: Andiamo in Italia! A Language, Culture, and Business Opportunity (Faculty-Led) Naples Italy Europe
Pisciotta Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Italy: Art, Architecture, and Engineering in Ancient Rome: The Roman Experience (Faculty-Led) Naples Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Italy: Industry, Culture and Professional Practice Abroad (Faculty-Led) Casalgrande Italy Europe
Cinque Terre Italy Europe
Florence Italy Europe
Genoa Italy Europe
Milan Italy Europe
Italy: International Retailing (Faculty-Led) Florence Italy Europe
Milan Italy Europe
Italy: Luxury Innovation (Faculty-Led Graduate) Como Italy Europe
Modena Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Jamaica: Multilingual and Multicultural Experiences in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Faculty-Led) Kingston Jamaica Central America
Japan: Exploring Religion and Culture (Faculty-Led) Chiba Japan Asia
Mexico: International Experience in Healthcare (Faculty-Led) Cancun Mexico North America
Mexico: Landscapes & Legacies of the Yucatan (Faculty-Led) Cancun Mexico North America
Merida Mexico North America
Mexico: LBH Business, Economy and Culture (Faculty-Led) Queretaro Mexico North America
Mexico: Spanish Immersion Program in Queretaro (Faculty-Led) Queretaro Mexico North America
South Africa: Empowering Small Business Owners (Faculty-Led) Cape Town South Africa Africa
South Africa: Seminar in Animal Audiology (Faculty-Led) Bela Bela South Africa Africa
Johannesburg South Africa Africa
Spain: Visual Arts from the Margins (Faculty-Led) Granada Spain Europe
Madrid Spain Europe
Seville Spain Europe
Toledo Spain Europe
Spain: Cross Cultural Management (Faculty-Led) Barcelona Spain Europe
Spain: Madrid Summer Program (Faculty-Led) Madrid Spain Europe
San Lorenzo de El Escorial Spain Europe
Segovia Spain Europe
Toledo Spain Europe
Switzerland: Crypto Valley (Faculty-Led) Zurich Switzerland Europe
Tanzania: College of Nursing Community as a Partner Clinical (Faculty-Led) Dar es Salaam Tanzania Africa
Lushoto Tanzania Africa
Moshi Tanzania Africa
Zanzibar Tanzania Africa
Tanzania: Global Health Field Experience Nairobi Kenya Africa
Shirati Tanzania Africa
Thailand: Population/Community Health Nursing Global Clinical (Faculty-Led) Bangkok Thailand Asia
Chiang Mai Thailand Asia
Praputthabat Thailand Asia
Togo: A Discovery Study Tour of West Africa (Faculty-Led) Lome Togo Africa
United Arab Emirates: Doing Business in the Middle East (Faculty-Led) Dubai United Arab Emirates Middle East
United Kingdom: Global Health in London (Faculty-Led) London United Kingdom Europe
United Kingdom: The Answer is Blowing in the Wind (Faculty-Led) Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe
St. Andrews United Kingdom Europe
United Kingdom: The Style Studies: London Fashion Retailing Experience! (Faculty-Led) London United Kingdom Europe
United Kingdom: UCBA UK Program (Faculty-Led) Harlaxton United Kingdom Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
Munich Germany Europe