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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for Italy: Luxury Marketing (Faculty-Led Graduate).

Spring Budget Sheet for Italy: Luxury Marketing (Faculty-Led Graduate)
Spring Budget Sheet for Italy: Luxury Marketing (Faculty-Led Graduate)
Budget Item Faculty-led
Accommodations *   $2,300.00
UC International Grant *   -$200.00
Other Funding *   -$200.00
(Program Fee) subtotal:  $1,900.00
Airfare (estimated)   $1,300.00
Additional Costs (not included in program costs)   $500.00
(Out of Pocket Expenses) subtotal:  $1,800.00
Total: $3,700.00

Students have the option to opt out of the group flight and purchase their own airfare.  Students should communicate their intentions with the International Programs Office to ensure they arrive in time for the academic programming in-country. 

This cost break down does not cover:
  • Passport costs
  • Any extra baggage fees
  • Any required vaccinations
Note that both the program charges and the UC International scholarship will be posted separately on a student’s OneStop bill for the Spring 2019 Semester.  Program charges are posted shortly after students commit to the program through the online application process and enroll in INTB8001.  Scholarships are posted after all students register for the course connected to the study abroad experience.

This program has been awarded a UC International Scholarship (matriculated, UC degree-seeking students only).  UC International requires a minimum 2.0 GPA to receive this funding.
* Charged to UC Account