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Australia: Economics of Immigration (Faculty-Led) Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Australia: UCBA Study Abroad Australia (Faculty-Led) *Other Other Other
Canberra Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Katoomba Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Austria/Czech Republic/Croatia: Cinema Study Tour (Faculty-Led) Prague Czech Republic Europe
Vienna Austria Europe
Zagreb Croatia Europe
Belgium: International Institutions & The New Europe (Faculty-Led) Brussels Belgium Europe
The Hague Netherlands Europe
Botswana: Service Learning in Gaborone (Faculty-Led) Gaborone Botswana Africa
Canada: Business Fellows: Toronto freshman experience (Faculty-Led) Toronto Canada North America
Canada: KBS Montreal Cultural Competence (Faculty-Led) Montreal Canada North America
Canada: Social Entrepreneurship - Sustainable Solutions to Global Challenges (Faculty-Led) Montreal Canada North America
Chile: Study Tour (Faculty-Led) Concepcion Chile South America
Chile: Supply chain and export markets (Faculty-led) Santiago Chile South America
Vina del Mar Chile South America
China and Thailand: Sustainable Urbanism: An International Perspective (Faculty-Led) Bangkok Thailand Asia
Beijing China Asia
Chiang Mai Thailand Asia
China: Chinese Culture and Professional Environment (Faculty-Led) Beijing China Asia
Shanghai China Asia
Xi'An China Asia
China: Doing Business in China (Faculty-Led) Beijing China Asia
Chengdu China Asia
Hong Kong Hong Kong Asia
Shenzhen China Asia
Xiamen China Asia
China: Handmade in China: Porcelain Studio (Faculty-Led) Jingdezhen China Asia
Shanghai China Asia
China: International Seminar (Faculty-Led Graduate) Shanghai China Asia
China: Medicine and Public Health (Faculty-Led) Beijing China Asia
Chongqing China Asia
Costa Rica: Economic, Social, and Sustainable Development (Faculty-Led) Liberia Costa Rica Central America
Monteverde Costa Rica Central America
San Jose Costa Rica Central America
Croatia: SAID 2017 Holz und Stein (Faculty-Led) *Other Other Other
Bregenz Austria Europe
Budapest Hungary Europe
Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic Europe
Chur Switzerland Europe
Dubrovnik Croatia Europe
Prague Czech Republic Europe
Split Croatia Europe
Supetar Croatia Europe
Vals Switzerland Europe
Venice Italy Europe
Verona Italy Europe
Vienna Austria Europe
Zagreb Croatia Europe
Zurich Switzerland Europe
Cuba: Cinema and Society in Revolutionary Cuba (Faculty-Led) Havana Cuba Central America
Dominican Republic: Community as a Partner (Faculty-Led) Monte Cristi Dominican Republic Central America
Ecuador: Community as a Partner (Faculty-Led) Quito Ecuador South America
Ecuador: Immersed in Culture & Education (Faculty-Led) Otavalo Ecuador South America
Quito Ecuador South America
France: Brittany, France's Best Kept Secret: Immersion in the Breton Culture from Past to Present (Faculty-Led) Chartres-de-Bretagne France Europe
Paris France Europe
France: Discovering Caen and Normandy (Faculty-Led) Caen France Europe
Paris France Europe
France: Exploring the Global Technical Workforce (Faculty-Led) Bordeaux France Europe
Nancy France Europe
Paris France Europe
France: In the Footsteps of Louis Pasteur: Science & Art in Paris (Faculty-Led) Paris France Europe
France: Managing Risk in a Complex Market (Faculty-Led Graduate) Bordeaux France Europe
Paris France Europe
France: Marketing In Europe (Faculty-Led) Paris France Europe
France: Tackling Global Problems Through International Collaborative Science (Faculty-Led) Bordeaux France Europe
Germany: E-Media Munich (Faculty-Led) Munich Germany Europe
Germany: European Systems and Operations (Faculty-led) Frankfurt Germany Europe
Heidelberg Germany Europe
Mannheim Germany Europe
Munich Germany Europe
Germany: Exploring the Global Technical Workforce (Faculty-Led) Munich Germany Europe
Germany: Studio Based Inquiry in Berlin (Faculty-Led) Berlin Germany Europe
Germany: Transatlantic Seminar (Faculty-Led) Essen Germany Europe
Ghana: Exploring Public Health (PMM 7054/MEDS 4054) (Faculty-led) Accra Ghana Africa
Greece: Healing in Antiquity (Faculty-Led) Athens Greece Europe
Guatemala: Service Learning Building Homes (Faculty-Led) Antigua Guatemala Central America
Guatemala City Guatemala Central America
Totonicapán Guatemala Central America
Guatemala: Spanish Immersion in Antigua (Faculty-Led) Antigua Guatemala Central America
Guatemala: The Global Technical Workforce (Faculty-Led) Tecpan Guatemala Central America
India: Doing Business in India (Faculty-led) Bangalore India Asia
Mumbai India Asia
New Delhi India Asia
India: Nursing and Community Health (Faculty Led) Agra India Asia
Jaipur India Asia
New Delhi India Asia
India: The Sustainable Urbanism and Architecture of India (Faculty-Led) Agra India Asia
Ahmedabad India Asia
Chandigarh India Asia
Mumbai India Asia
New Delhi India Asia
Ireland: Children's Media Around the World (Faculty-Led) Belfast United Kingdom Europe
Dublin Ireland Europe
Ireland: Sport & Culture (Faculty-Led) Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
Cologne Germany Europe
Dublin Ireland Europe
Italy: Andiamo in Italia, Florence, Rome & Naples (Faculty-Led) Florence Italy Europe
Naples Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Italy: Artist Immersion (Faculty-Led) Florence Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Italy: Athletic Training Student International Experience (Faculty-Led) Rome Italy Europe
Italy: International Retailing (Faculty-led) Florence Italy Europe
Milan Italy Europe
Jamaica: Multilingual and Multicultural Experiences in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Faculty-Led) Kingston Jamaica Central America
Japan: Culture and Packaging Workshop (Faculty-Led) Chiba Japan Asia
Japan: Experiential Learning Abroad, Industry and Culture of Japan (Faculty-Led) Hiroshima Japan Asia
Kyoto Japan Asia
Tokyo Japan Asia
Japan: Gender and Sexuality in Edo Literature and Art (Faculty-Led) Chiba Japan Asia
Tokyo Japan Asia
Mexico: Doing Business in Mexico (Faculty-Led) Queretaro Mexico North America
Mexico: International Experience in Healthcare (Faculty-Led) Cancun Mexico North America
Mexico: Landscapes & Legacies of the Yucatan (Faculty-Led) Yucatan Mexico North America
Mexico: Spring Break in the Heartland of Mexico (Faculty-Led) Guanajuato Mexico North America
Queretaro Mexico North America
Morocco: Arabic Language and Culture (Faculty-Led) Rabat Morocco Africa
Nicaragua: CAHS Service Learning (Faculty-Led) Managua Nicaragua Central America
Nicaragua: Social Work (Faculty-Led) Managua Nicaragua Central America
Peru: UCBA Land of the Incas (Faculty-Led) Cuzco Peru South America
Lima Peru South America
South Africa: Empowering Small Business Owners Cape Town South Africa Africa
South Africa: Public Health & Infectious Diseases: the South African Experience (Faculty-Led) Durban South Africa Africa
Johannesburg South Africa Africa
Pretoria South Africa Africa
Spain/Italy: Industry, Culture and Professional Practice Abroad (Faculty-Led) Barcelona Spain Europe
Milan Italy Europe
Turin Italy Europe
Tanzania: Community as a Partner Clinical (Faculty-Led) Nairobi Kenya Africa
Shirati Tanzania Africa
Tanzania: Global Health Field Experience (Faculty-Led) Nairobi Kenya Africa
Shirati Tanzania Africa
Tanzania: Study Abroad - Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (Faculty-Led) Dar es Salaam Tanzania Africa
United Arab Emirates: Entrepreneurship in the Middle East (Faculty-Led) Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Middle East
Al-Ain United Arab Emirates Middle East
Dubai United Arab Emirates Middle East
United Kingdom - France: A Global History of World War II: Ideology, Culture and Politics (Faculty-Led) London United Kingdom Europe
Normandy France Europe
Paris France Europe
United Kingdom: Contested Religious Landscapes of Northern Ireland (Faculty-Led) Armagh United Kingdom Europe
Belfast United Kingdom Europe
Donegal Ireland Europe
Enniskillen United Kingdom Europe
Londonderry United Kingdom Europe
Raphoe Ireland Europe
United Kingdom: Criminal Justice in Scotland (Faculty-Led) Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe
Glasgow United Kingdom Europe
United Kingdom: Culture, Business, and Economy of London (Faculty-Led) London United Kingdom Europe
United Kingdom: Financial Markets and Real Estate Development (Faculty-led) Cambridge United Kingdom Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
United Kingdom: The London Landscape: Classic to Cutting-Edge (Faculty-Led) London United Kingdom Europe
United Kingdom: UCBA Summer British Study Abroad (Faculty-Led) *Other Other Other
Brighton United Kingdom Europe
Cambridge United Kingdom Europe
Harlaxton United Kingdom Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
Nottingham United Kingdom Europe
United Kingdom:The Style Studies: London Fashion Retailing Experience! (Faculty-Led) London United Kingdom Europe
Vietnam: Exploring the Intersections of Leadership, Culture, and Gender(Faculty-Led) Cam Ranh Vietnam Australia/Pacific Islands
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Asia